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Eichler Pool Party Reception


Kristyl and Maksim


Nina and Graham married


Nina and Graham got married in Stevns Klint, Denmark, near a cliff made of 60 million year old chalk cliff that might soon enter in the UN World Heritage list (!). (More about Stevns Klint and the Klintgården B&B here.)  Nina is Danish, and Graham is English. The whole event was a great mix of both.

When I went to the church to have a look a week before the wedding, I spoke with the woman in charge and she said that this would be a special ceremony because there would be two ministers. Interesting I thought. They were bringing someone from England. A week later, at the ceremony, I looked around and wondered “Where is Graham’s father?” Then I saw him–he was the minister!

After the ceremony, the guests walked along the cliff to Nina’s parents’ farmhouse (we’re talking really big, thatched roof, whitewashed, traditional Danish farmhouse that Nina’s parents have turned part of into a bed and breakfast) for the rest of the celebration. Walking through an arbor of Danish flags, the two were showered with rice, and everyone had Pimm’s and cake in the garden. The Pimm’s cocktail was made in the traditional way with purple borage flowers, which came right from their garden. The garden covered several acres with a lush maze of hedges, trees, flowers, berry bushes, and vegetable patches, with nooks, and surprises all through it. Guests had set up tents in the far reaches of the garden, and fire pots followed handmade stone walls.

The dinner alternated food and toasts, with several instances of foot stomping and glass tapping. Foot stomping means the couple has to get under the table and kiss (see under table photo), and glass tapping means they have to stand on their chairs and kiss. If the groom leaves the table, all of the men need to line up to kiss the bride, and vice versa if the bride leaves. The guests all took the “Nina and Graham Pub Quiz,” and it included a soccer shootout, a Danish/English beer blind taste test, and some Danish tongue twisters for poor Graham (I feel your pain!).

After dinner, everyone moved to the “pub”–a part of the farmhouse connected to the barn, where the dancing began…and continued to the weeeeee hours of the night. At which point, a few of the guests had a high speed run through the 6′ high rapeseed field outside the barn. Quite impressive considering how tall and strong those plants are! (I know because I was running right after them! Thankfully, they had cleared a path for me ; ))

Dress: Mariah Victori, Frederiksberg Flowers: Marlene Christensen Blomsterdekoratør, Frederiksberg Cake: family friend (Pamela Hope) Food: Anettes Mad, Store Heddinge BBQ: (super yummy barbeque!) Beer: Stevns Bryghus Tent: Venue: klintgaard B&B,

Sunshine on a rainy day: Sidsel and Anders’ Central Copenhagen Wedding


Copenhagen is called the Paris of Scandinavia – with a great cultural scene, stunning new and old architecture and a very cosmopolitan population. Sidsel and Anders chose a perfect spot in the middle of this city for their wedding ceremony: The Danish Royal Library’s garden, right between the modern waterfront and the Christiansborg Castle.

However, as luck would have it, it was raining that day. Unflustered, Sidsel turned up in her wedding dress and rain boots and plan B was put into action as the ceremony moved to the nice arched pathway between Parliament and the Royal Library. As the ceremony ended, the clouds lifted and sunshine spread over Copenhagen. There was some amazing light. We took off to the new “Black Diamond” building – the spectacular modern wing of the Royal Library, and from there we walked to their reception venue – Salon K – a special events salon, connected to the cultural center ‘Huset‘ (“The House”). Huset is home to over 1000 annual events spread across 7 diverse stages with everything from live music, theatre performances, stand up comedy, spoken word and a small cinema. This place rocks – literally – and Sidsel and Anders threw a most fantastic party, which included several Danish wedding traditions–one that involves newlywed kisses while standing on chairs, and another that involves sock cutting (there is an interesting reason given for why they cut the tips of the groom’s socks off ; ))

Thank you for letting me be part of your wedding, Sidsel and Anders. I hope to see you in Denmark next year!

Laura and Bill Waterfire Wedding in Providence, RI


Laura and Bill were married in Providence, RI. What a fun day it was! I could see it coming when I met them beforehand, and for their engagement shoot. SO nice. They were married at a really lovely church–the The First Unitarian Church of Providence–and  the wedding reception was held at the Wannamoiset Country Club. The event ended with everyone going downtown to see Providence’s brilliant Waterfire spectacle. The city has created a beautiful event that happens several Saturdays in the summer, wherein fires are lit on the river. People come out to watch the fires, listen to the music, and sometimes take gondola rides. Boats full of masked people stoke the fires through the evening. It is mesmerizing. Thanks, Laura and Bill, for letting me be a part of your amazing day!

Stephanie and Ryan


Steph Ryan_102.jpgSteph Ryan_101.jpgSteph Ryan_100.jpgSteph Ryan_97.jpgSteph Ryan_96.jpgSteph Ryan_90.jpgSteph Ryan_91.jpgSteph Ryan_99.jpgSteph Ryan_98.jpgSteph Ryan bright_85.jpgSteph Ryan bright_84.jpgSteph Ryan Pig_103.jpgSteph Ryan bright_87.jpgSteph Ryan bright_86.jpgSteph Ryan Chapel_104.jpgSteph Ryan bright_83.jpgSteph Ryan_87.jpg

Stephanie and Ryan and their family and friends put together a fabulous wedding. The two are designers, and they went all out on every detail. Ryan, an illustrator, illustrated the story of their relationship and they had these out on the tables for everyone (see photos). They recycled an old desk, and some other wood, and made signs that were up all over the place–one for The Ever Expanding Elastic Waste Band, one for the Pig Kahuna, one for lemonade, etc. Butterflies were released after their ceremony and Stephanie and Ryan each carried one out in their hand. Sweet.

Stephanie and Ryan are so easygoing and positive. Their wedding day was quite wet, yet they took it in great stride.  Stephanie was even prepared with some killer rainboots to go with her wedding dress : ) Everyone really enjoyed themselves. There was plenty of room under several tents, and inside of Ryan’s parents’ beautiful home. There was also a small chapel in the corner of the yard that had been turned into a cozy candlelit hideout for guests that wanted to chill out a bit.

Congratulations you two!!

Carolyn and Christian’s wedding at Stonehurst

CarolynChristian _20111008_i1.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i2.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i3.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i4.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i5.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i6.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i7.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i8.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i9.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i10.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i11.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i12.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i13.jpgCarolynChristian _20111008_i14.jpg

Dorothea and Sean–Married!

DS2 _20110807_i1.jpgDS2 _20110805_i2.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i40.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i41.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i42.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i58.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i59.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i44.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i60.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i45.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i48.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i47.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i49.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i50.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i51.jpgDS_2011-08-07_i54.jpgDS_2011-08-06_i56.jpgDS_2011-08-07_i52.jpgDS_2011-08-07_i55.jpgDS_2011-08-07_i57.jpg

Dorothea and Sean are a really fun couple. I had a great time photographing their wedding at Habitat, an Audubon wildlife sanctuary. The location has many acres of trails, and an old mansion with formal gardens. It was a gorgeous setting for their elegant wedding.

Cindy and Andrew Get Married in Costa Rica


Cindy and Andrew love adventures. They planned an amazing one for their wedding. Friends and family came from all over to join them in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Several days of play preceded the wedding itself. Wedding guests of all ages were taking part in hikes up volcanoes, zipline trips through the treetops, and rafting adventures complete with crocodiles and monkeys. This was a FUN bunch. The weather, that had been somewhat rainy, was a worry. By the time their wedding day rolled around, however, the sky parted, the sun came out, and it was fabulously beautiful all day long. The temperature, combined with a feisty group of wedding guests meant that the whole party, fully clothed, ended up in the pool. The staff at the amazing Villa del Sueno Resort kindly brought a big stack of towels, and when the bar closed, they brought a big ice chest with plastic cups for the pool. Thanks, Cindy and Andrew, for having us shoot your wedding. We had an great time getting to know your amazing posse while doing what we love most.

Nancy and Marcos, Married.

Nancy and Marcos got married in a large Catholic church in East Boston, their home. It was great to see such a tight community. Half of the people that happened to be walking down the sidewalk knew them! We had the chance to get some shots on the water, with a view of the Boston skyline. Freeeeeezing cold, but beautiful.

Here is one to start, of Marcos with his two brothers:

Cintia and Weslley

Cintia and Weslley were married in a very powerful ceremony, and celebrated well by their friends and family. Here are a few of the highlights:

Ben Chrisman Photography Workshop

This fall I went to an absolutely amazing workshop for wedding photographers, put on by Ben Chrisman Photography. We all stayed in a big house on the beach in the Outer Banks, and had a very intense four days. Learning was happening around the clock. Ben and Erin Chrisman are award winning wedding photographers, and they offered up tips on every aspect of wedding photography, along with great input from David Murray, Kirsten Lewis, and Vlad Chaloupka. The experience was completely game changing. I came away with new knowledge and insights that altered the course of my business much for the better. Pretty amazing.

I met some really great wedding photographers attending the workshop, including Cathy + David (Bock)Henry ChenJan GarciaDebra GulbasKathryn KreugerMelissa McClureTom SandersonDaniel StarkMaggie Stolzberg, and Ethan Yang.

It is truly heartwarming to me to see how photographers support other photographers. Truly.

Show at riki

I am really excited to be having a show of my wedding work at this amazing clothing store. I’m not a big shopper, but I don’t miss the chance to go to riki when I am in California. The textures and designs are unique in a modern and untrendy way that I like. The owner/designer, Ursula, designed most of the items herself in the past, and now has added other lines. The reception for the show is coupled with a trunk show with a designer from the Bay Area- Verrieres&Sako – specializing in couture and wedding dresses. Here are some of the images going up: