Klintgården Bed and Breakfast Photos–Stevns Klint



My family and I were invited to stay for a weekend prior to the wedding by Nina’s parents, Maggie and Erik. They are such warm and friendly people. We felt so at home, and comfortable there.

We spent a relaxing weekend exploring the Klint (cliff), which is made of chalk from the Cretaceous period. there is a hiking trail all along it that is punctuated by interesting things–a lighthouse, little benches looking out to the Baltic sea, and part of a church on the very edge (part of the church fell into the ocean in 1928). We also visited the little harbor, Rodvig, nearby. We checked out the shipyard where they built fishing boats, admired the sailboats, and watched 1000s of fish being vacuumed out of a fishing boat. Pretty cool. Then, at our 6 year old daughter’s request (begging, actually) we reluctantly all dunked our feet into fishtanks full of little fish that proceeded to swarm our feet and nibble away in a most alarming manner. I wanted to chew on my wrist. Instead I did my best to keep my mouth closed and my feet in the tank (!).

Near the old church on the Klint, there is a small house next to a lake. The house is now a shop stuffed full of items knitted by the fisherman’s wives of the area. Beautiful work.

We spent time in Maggie and Erik’s spectacular garden too. It had flowers of every kind, gooseberries, and a huge potato patch. And you could get lost in a maze of hedges taking you here and there.

I am trying to convince Maggie and Erik that they should do weddings regularly, but I think after the spectacular wedding they just hosted, they might not quite be ready for that. In the meantime, I would highly recommend it for a weekend trip!


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