Ben Chrisman Photography Workshop

This fall I went to an absolutely amazing workshop for wedding photographers, put on by Ben Chrisman Photography. We all stayed in a big house on the beach in the Outer Banks, and had a very intense four days. Learning was happening around the clock. Ben and Erin Chrisman are award winning wedding photographers, and they offered up tips on every aspect of wedding photography, along with great input from David Murray, Kirsten Lewis, and Vlad Chaloupka. The experience was completely game changing. I came away with new knowledge and insights that altered the course of my business much for the better. Pretty amazing.

I met some really great wedding photographers attending the workshop, including Cathy + David (Bock)Henry ChenJan GarciaDebra GulbasKathryn KreugerMelissa McClureTom SandersonDaniel StarkMaggie Stolzberg, and Ethan Yang.

It is truly heartwarming to me to see how photographers support other photographers. Truly.