Sunshine on a rainy day: Sidsel and Anders’ Central Copenhagen Wedding


Copenhagen is called the Paris of Scandinavia – with a great cultural scene, stunning new and old architecture and a very cosmopolitan population. Sidsel and Anders chose a perfect spot in the middle of this city for their wedding ceremony: The Danish Royal Library’s garden, right between the modern waterfront and the Christiansborg Castle.

However, as luck would have it, it was raining that day. Unflustered, Sidsel turned up in her wedding dress and rain boots and plan B was put into action as the ceremony moved to the nice arched pathway between Parliament and the Royal Library. As the ceremony ended, the clouds lifted and sunshine spread over Copenhagen. There was some amazing light. We took off to the new “Black Diamond” building – the spectacular modern wing of the Royal Library, and from there we walked to their reception venue – Salon K – a special events salon, connected to the cultural center ‘Huset‘ (“The House”). Huset is home to over 1000 annual events spread across 7 diverse stages with everything from live music, theatre performances, stand up comedy, spoken word and a small cinema. This place rocks – literally – and Sidsel and Anders threw a most fantastic party, which included several Danish wedding traditions–one that involves newlywed kisses while standing on chairs, and another that involves sock cutting (there is an interesting reason given for why they cut the tips of the groom’s socks off ; ))

Thank you for letting me be part of your wedding, Sidsel and Anders. I hope to see you in Denmark next year!