Farewell Family Photos


Nina and Graham Engaged–Copenhagen


Nina and Graham are a classy and fun Danish-English couple that I met by total coincidence. I am so glad I did. Nina and Graham have a beautiful relationship and they also have a beautiful daughter, Agnes, who patiently joined us for the engagement shoot. Engagement shoots are a great chance for me to get the know the future bride and groom and for them to get to know how I work. We had a wonderful morning walking, talking, and exploring Frederiksberg, where Nina and Graham live – taking photos along the way. We walked the area near the Royal Danish Academy of Music and through the gardens of the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University – perfect for a mellow morning stroll.

Playing at home in Palo Alto


Where on earth is Kristin Little?

Belle_Vue_Beach_Copenhagen.jpgKastrup_Spidslastcentral.jpgLouisiana_Art_Museum (1).jpgLouisiana_Art_Museum.jpgRoedvig_Harbor.jpgSankhans_Taarbek3.jpgSankhans_Taarbek2.jpgSankhans_Taarbek1.jpgc25-Denmark4.jpgc27-Denmark3.jpgc64-Denmark2.jpg

A family friend has an fascinating business making green (growing!) roofs all over Scandinavia. He took me along on a tour he was giving for a green roof conference, and I got to see some amazing buildings, and even walk on some of the greenery (see image of the building with the curved roof, Kastrups Spidslastcentral,–I walked up and over that!!).

While here, I’m  shooting some weddings, creating a new website, and working hard on my Danish. You can still reach me by using my US phone number and address. See you in August!


Sidsel and Anders Copenhagen Engagement Portraits


I just had the pleasure of spending some time photographing Sidsel and Anders for their engagement session. What a treat to have Copenhagen as our location. They live in the middle of Copenhagen. There are bikes and people everywhere. So much potential for the portraits! We went to the H.C. Ørsted’s park near their house. It is a beautiful park, with a lake in the middle. We then went to the Stråde, a pedestrian street nearby. We walked and talked as I got photos along the way. They are such a nice and easygoing couple : ) I am looking forward to their wedding!


The Rosenbergs at the Library

Rosenberg Final_18.jpgRosenberg Final_20.jpgRosenberg Final_19.jpgRosenberg Final_25.jpgRosenberg Final_27.jpgRosenberg Final_30.jpgRosenberg Final_28.jpgRosenberg Final_29.jpgRosenberg Final_31.jpgRosenberg Final_32.jpgRosenberg Final_26.jpgRosenberg Final_23.jpgRosenberg Final_33.jpgRosenberg Final_34.jpgRosenberg Final_35.jpgRosenberg Final_36.jpgRosenberg Final_22.jpgRosenberg Final_21.jpgRosenberg Final_37.jpgRosenberg Final_24.jpgRosenberg Final_38.jpgRosenberg Final_39.jpg

The Rosenbergs live right near the Cambridge Main Library. Lucky them. It seemed appropriate to go there after spending some time taking photos at their home. We played with a ball, played train, goofed off, ate watermelon, and generally had a good time : ). See if you can spot the ball!

Little Kids Rock at Facebook Headquarters



Little Kids Rock is an amazing organization that brings free instruments and musical instruction to underserved schools in the US. It has benefitted more than 200,000 underprivileged children in 10 years. My friend, Karen, is on the Board of LKR and invited me in to shoot some photos for their 10th anniversary celebration. The party was at the Facebook headquarters, and the Facebook chefs donated their time, expertise, and delicious, inventive, and locally sourced food for the event. Yum! (The head FB chef is giving the “like” sign to the founder of the organization, David Wish, in the last photo : )).

Many famous musicians support Little Kids Rock—-Bruce Springsteen, BB King, Johnny Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, Slash, Elvis Costello, Ziggy Marley, and many others. Their official spokesperson is Sammy Hagar, and also in attendance were Matt Sorum of Guns ‘n Roses, and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, among others. These guys were really nice! The stars of the night, however, were the student music groups that came to perform. To see them up onstage, so excited and composed at the same time, singing along with such famous musicians, was priceless. It was very exciting to be there!

Check out the Little Kids Rock site to learn more.

Laura and Bill Waterfire Wedding in Providence, RI


Laura and Bill were married in Providence, RI. What a fun day it was! I could see it coming when I met them beforehand, and for their engagement shoot. SO nice. They were married at a really lovely church–the The First Unitarian Church of Providence–and  the wedding reception was held at the Wannamoiset Country Club. The event ended with everyone going downtown to see Providence’s brilliant Waterfire spectacle. The city has created a beautiful event that happens several Saturdays in the summer, wherein fires are lit on the river. People come out to watch the fires, listen to the music, and sometimes take gondola rides. Boats full of masked people stoke the fires through the evening. It is mesmerizing. Thanks, Laura and Bill, for letting me be a part of your amazing day!

Zoe’s Bat Mitzvah


Zoe Bat Mitzvah_103.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_104.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_105.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_106.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_107.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_108.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_109.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_110.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_111.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_112.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_113.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_114.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_115.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_116.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_117.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_118.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_120.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_121.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_122.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_123.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_124.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_125.jpg

They threw a fantastic party afterwards, at the Center for the Arts at the Armory in Somerville. SO much fun!

Stephanie and Ryan


Steph Ryan_102.jpgSteph Ryan_101.jpgSteph Ryan_100.jpgSteph Ryan_97.jpgSteph Ryan_96.jpgSteph Ryan_90.jpgSteph Ryan_91.jpgSteph Ryan_99.jpgSteph Ryan_98.jpgSteph Ryan bright_85.jpgSteph Ryan bright_84.jpgSteph Ryan Pig_103.jpgSteph Ryan bright_87.jpgSteph Ryan bright_86.jpgSteph Ryan Chapel_104.jpgSteph Ryan bright_83.jpgSteph Ryan_87.jpg

Stephanie and Ryan and their family and friends put together a fabulous wedding. The two are designers, and they went all out on every detail. Ryan, an illustrator, illustrated the story of their relationship and they had these out on the tables for everyone (see photos). They recycled an old desk, and some other wood, and made signs that were up all over the place–one for The Ever Expanding Elastic Waste Band, one for the Pig Kahuna, one for lemonade, etc. Butterflies were released after their ceremony and Stephanie and Ryan each carried one out in their hand. Sweet.

Stephanie and Ryan are so easygoing and positive. Their wedding day was quite wet, yet they took it in great stride.  Stephanie was even prepared with some killer rainboots to go with her wedding dress : ) Everyone really enjoyed themselves. There was plenty of room under several tents, and inside of Ryan’s parents’ beautiful home. There was also a small chapel in the corner of the yard that had been turned into a cozy candlelit hideout for guests that wanted to chill out a bit.

Congratulations you two!!

Laura and Bill – Getting Married in Providence, RI


Laura and Bill_85.jpgLaura and Bill_84.jpgLaura and Bill_83.jpgLaura and Bill_86.jpg

Laura and Bill and I headed out and braved the heat and bugs. They are troopers. I am looking forward to shooting their wedding in Providence, Rhode Island. They have timed it such that the afterparty can be at Waterfire–a beautiful display of fires, floating through downtown on a canal. It should be lots of fun! Here are a few photos from their engagement shoot.

Faye and her puppets

Faye Puppets_87.jpgFaye Puppets_88.jpgFaye Puppets_89.jpgFaye Puppets_90.jpgFaye Puppets_91.jpgFaye Puppets_92.jpgFaye Puppets_93.jpgFaye Puppets_94.jpgFaye Puppets_95.jpg

Faye is an amazing artist. She is a puppeteer like nothing I had ever imagined when I heard the word puppeteer. She conceptualizes, writes, builds, and performs theatrical shows which include puppets ranging from four inches tall to 12 feet tall (see photo of giant feet)! Absolutely amazing.

Ann and Patrick – Somerville Engagement Photos



Ann is Scottish, and Patrick is Irish, and their wedding will be an amazing blend of the two that I am really looking forward to!

The G-R Family Photos at the Beach



I’m looking forward to shooting the oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah very soon. It’s going to be great!


The Jarboe Family