Zoe’s Bat Mitzvah


Zoe Bat Mitzvah_103.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_104.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_105.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_106.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_107.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_108.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_109.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_110.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_111.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_112.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_113.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_114.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_115.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_116.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_117.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_118.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_120.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_121.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_122.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_123.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_124.jpgZoe Bat Mitzvah_125.jpg

They threw a fantastic party afterwards, at the Center for the Arts at the Armory in Somerville. SO much fun!