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Klintgården Bed and Breakfast Photos–Stevns Klint



My family and I were invited to stay for a weekend prior to the wedding by Nina’s parents, Maggie and Erik. They are such warm and friendly people. We felt so at home, and comfortable there.

We spent a relaxing weekend exploring the Klint (cliff), which is made of chalk from the Cretaceous period. there is a hiking trail all along it that is punctuated by interesting things–a lighthouse, little benches looking out to the Baltic sea, and part of a church on the very edge (part of the church fell into the ocean in 1928). We also visited the little harbor, Rodvig, nearby. We checked out the shipyard where they built fishing boats, admired the sailboats, and watched 1000s of fish being vacuumed out of a fishing boat. Pretty cool. Then, at our 6 year old daughter’s request (begging, actually) we reluctantly all dunked our feet into fishtanks full of little fish that proceeded to swarm our feet and nibble away in a most alarming manner. I wanted to chew on my wrist. Instead I did my best to keep my mouth closed and my feet in the tank (!).

Near the old church on the Klint, there is a small house next to a lake. The house is now a shop stuffed full of items knitted by the fisherman’s wives of the area. Beautiful work.

We spent time in Maggie and Erik’s spectacular garden too. It had flowers of every kind, gooseberries, and a huge potato patch. And you could get lost in a maze of hedges taking you here and there.

I am trying to convince Maggie and Erik that they should do weddings regularly, but I think after the spectacular wedding they just hosted, they might not quite be ready for that. In the meantime, I would highly recommend it for a weekend trip!


Where on earth is Kristin Little?

Belle_Vue_Beach_Copenhagen.jpgKastrup_Spidslastcentral.jpgLouisiana_Art_Museum (1).jpgLouisiana_Art_Museum.jpgRoedvig_Harbor.jpgSankhans_Taarbek3.jpgSankhans_Taarbek2.jpgSankhans_Taarbek1.jpgc25-Denmark4.jpgc27-Denmark3.jpgc64-Denmark2.jpg

A family friend has an fascinating business making green (growing!) roofs all over Scandinavia. He took me along on a tour he was giving for a green roof conference, and I got to see some amazing buildings, and even walk on some of the greenery (see image of the building with the curved roof, Kastrups Spidslastcentral,–I walked up and over that!!).

While here, I’m  shooting some weddings, creating a new website, and working hard on my Danish. You can still reach me by using my US phone number and address. See you in August!


Sidsel and Anders Copenhagen Engagement Portraits


I just had the pleasure of spending some time photographing Sidsel and Anders for their engagement session. What a treat to have Copenhagen as our location. They live in the middle of Copenhagen. There are bikes and people everywhere. So much potential for the portraits! We went to the H.C. Ørsted’s park near their house. It is a beautiful park, with a lake in the middle. We then went to the Stråde, a pedestrian street nearby. We walked and talked as I got photos along the way. They are such a nice and easygoing couple : ) I am looking forward to their wedding!


Little Kids Rock at Facebook Headquarters



Little Kids Rock is an amazing organization that brings free instruments and musical instruction to underserved schools in the US. It has benefitted more than 200,000 underprivileged children in 10 years. My friend, Karen, is on the Board of LKR and invited me in to shoot some photos for their 10th anniversary celebration. The party was at the Facebook headquarters, and the Facebook chefs donated their time, expertise, and delicious, inventive, and locally sourced food for the event. Yum! (The head FB chef is giving the “like” sign to the founder of the organization, David Wish, in the last photo : )).

Many famous musicians support Little Kids Rock—-Bruce Springsteen, BB King, Johnny Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, Slash, Elvis Costello, Ziggy Marley, and many others. Their official spokesperson is Sammy Hagar, and also in attendance were Matt Sorum of Guns ‘n Roses, and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, among others. These guys were really nice! The stars of the night, however, were the student music groups that came to perform. To see them up onstage, so excited and composed at the same time, singing along with such famous musicians, was priceless. It was very exciting to be there!

Check out the Little Kids Rock site to learn more.

Teach for America

Recently I embarked on a project for Teach for America to help illustrate some of the concepts that they embody. I’ll be travelling to a number of places that their teachers work to document the regions, schools, classrooms, teachers, and students. Fun stuff!

These shots are from the Edwards Middle School in Charlestown, MA, and Blackstone Valley Prep in Rhode Island.




Yoga teacher, international education/entrepreneurship specialist, and Creative extraordinaire, Lisa doesn’t fail to surprise. She has even travelled around Myanmar with a troupe of clowns (!). I did a portrait session with her recently and we had lots of laughs together.


The Blog is Born

Hello! I am really excited to start this blog. I have been blogging for years about the twins for the grandparents, but this is my first jump into blogging for my photo business. I asked Cathy of Cathy + David Photography if and how I should share my non-wedding photography shoots, since I wanted to dedicate my portfolio site to wedding photography. She recommended that I start a blog, so here I am. (Their blog, by the way, has umpteen zillion viewers per day and is really fun to read : ) )