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Palo Alto Photo Forum – Ed Kashi


Ed is an amazing photojournalist who documents sociopolitical issues. The breadth of his experience could never fit in a post, but a few of his books include: The Protestants: No Surrender, When the Borders Bleed: The Struggle of the Kurds, Aging in America, Denied: The Crisis of America’s Uninsured, Curse of the Black Gold: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta, Three, and Photojournalisms.

Thanks Fede, for a very well organized event, complete with food, beer, and bubbly! And thanks, Ed, for a truly inspiring evening.

Eichler Pool Party Reception


Little Kids Rock Benefit at Facebook Headquarters


Again this year I helped document an LKR fundraising event at Facebook Headquarters (See the 2012 Little Kids Rock post here). This year’s event was dedicated to the memory of Josef Desimone, the Facebook head chef who tragically lost his life this fall. I remember him so clearly from the event last year. Both years have had very elaborate and delicious food made by the Facebook chefs.

It was so moving to see kids from these programs up on stage performing with big stars. I was RIVETED when James Hetfield the leader of the band Metallica, performed with them. It was jaw-dropping, and my jaw doesn’t drop so easily… I was taken by how dedicated he was to the organization, and to the kids. Chris Isaac was there as well, among others (see surfing pic–the woman in the photo with Chris can surf while doing a headstand (!)).

This year I will have the privilege of getting to know some of the kids. I want to create a photo essay that shows their stories, and powerful effect of the work this organization does.  I’ll post more on that when the time comes.


Little Kids Rock at Facebook Headquarters



Little Kids Rock is an amazing organization that brings free instruments and musical instruction to underserved schools in the US. It has benefitted more than 200,000 underprivileged children in 10 years. My friend, Karen, is on the Board of LKR and invited me in to shoot some photos for their 10th anniversary celebration. The party was at the Facebook headquarters, and the Facebook chefs donated their time, expertise, and delicious, inventive, and locally sourced food for the event. Yum! (The head FB chef is giving the “like” sign to the founder of the organization, David Wish, in the last photo : )).

Many famous musicians support Little Kids Rock—-Bruce Springsteen, BB King, Johnny Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, Slash, Elvis Costello, Ziggy Marley, and many others. Their official spokesperson is Sammy Hagar, and also in attendance were Matt Sorum of Guns ‘n Roses, and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, among others. These guys were really nice! The stars of the night, however, were the student music groups that came to perform. To see them up onstage, so excited and composed at the same time, singing along with such famous musicians, was priceless. It was very exciting to be there!

Check out the Little Kids Rock site to learn more.

Tracey and Dana Turn 50!

TraceyDana _20111127_i1.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i2.jpgTraceyDana2 _20111127_i3.jpgTraceyDana2 _20111127_i2.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i1.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i2.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i3.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i5.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i4.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i5.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i6.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i3.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i6.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i7.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i4.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i8.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i9.jpgTraceyDana2 _20111127_i1.jpg
I had the chance to photograph a really fun 50th birthday party last weekend, full of musicians and artists, and generally great people : )
It went on until the WEE hours of the morning, with lots of music and dancing. Tracey is the one the tiara, and Dana is the one with the baritone saxophone and goatee. You can find out where to hear Dana play by joining the Members of Morphine and Jeremy Lyon’s FB page.

United Way Community Baby Shower

This was an amazing experience. The United Way put on a baby shower in Roxbury for 50+ families, complete with shower games, presents, dinner, classes, and…family/maternity portraits. It was a great event, complete with excited, expectant moms, dads, and siblings. I feel very lucky to have been a part of it. Thanks to my photographer friend, Danita Jo, for inviting me to be there.




Jess’s Quinceañera

I had the chance to shoot a “Sweet 15” birthday party–a Quinceañera in Spanish. Jess invited all of her friends and family to the party, and BOY was it a good party. The DJs were fabulous. Everyone from the littlest child to the oldest relative seemed to be having a great time.