Tracey and Dana Turn 50!

TraceyDana _20111127_i1.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i2.jpgTraceyDana2 _20111127_i3.jpgTraceyDana2 _20111127_i2.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i1.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i2.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i3.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i5.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i4.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i5.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i6.jpgTraceyDana3 _20111127_i3.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i6.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i7.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i4.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i8.jpgTraceyDana _20111127_i9.jpgTraceyDana2 _20111127_i1.jpg
I had the chance to photograph a really fun 50th birthday party last weekend, full of musicians and artists, and generally great people : )
It went on until the WEE hours of the morning, with lots of music and dancing. Tracey is the one the tiara, and Dana is the one with the baritone saxophone and goatee. You can find out where to hear Dana play by joining the Members of Morphine and Jeremy Lyon’s FB page.