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Land’s End, Sutro Baths, and Ocean Beach


Traditional and more Creative Head Shots

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Portraits in Palo Alto


Karen and Ron are so much fun! We had a fun time playing around in the park, and at their place, and then they made me dinner! Yum. Thanks guys!

Faye and her puppets

Faye Puppets_87.jpgFaye Puppets_88.jpgFaye Puppets_89.jpgFaye Puppets_90.jpgFaye Puppets_91.jpgFaye Puppets_92.jpgFaye Puppets_93.jpgFaye Puppets_94.jpgFaye Puppets_95.jpg

Faye is an amazing artist. She is a puppeteer like nothing I had ever imagined when I heard the word puppeteer. She conceptualizes, writes, builds, and performs theatrical shows which include puppets ranging from four inches tall to 12 feet tall (see photo of giant feet)! Absolutely amazing.

The G-R Family Photos at the Beach



I’m looking forward to shooting the oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah very soon. It’s going to be great!


The Jarboe Family


Kathy, Eric, and Gabe – Sennot Park Central Square to 1369 Coffeehouse – A Roving Family Photo Session!


I got a great workout doing this family portrait session. This is a very active family. We started out at their home, then jumped on wheels (skateboard and bike) and took off for Washington Park, in Cambridge. Fun. Then off for a coffee at 1369 Coffeehouse in Inman Square. I got in a bit of a jog. Good deal. Fun time.

Stephanie and Ryan are getting married!




I really wanted to take these engagement photos of Stephanie and Ryan. I love engagement shoots. I get to know the couple better, they get used to the camera, and we have some laughs together. I hope these photos will not only be fun now, but provide good memories fifty years from now, and a look into their world back when they were engaged.

I am really excited to be shooting Stephanie and Ryan’s wedding. They are both very creative and warm people, and their wedding plans sound so fun and personal. I love that.

P.S. I’d love to know which photos people think are their faves : )

Sneak peek K and K

sandraK _20120122_i.jpgISKK 145.jpgISKK 146.jpgISKK 147.jpgISKK 149.jpgISKK 152.jpg


What a lovely afternoon we had at Adan’s house. We went from being cozy by the stove, to flying airplanes, to being magpies. The magpies had an extraordinary amount of energy. And apparently these birds are quite loud…
Much fun was had.

Adan _20111118_i1.jpgAdan _20111118_i4.jpgAdan _20111118_i5.jpgAdan _20111118_i6.jpgAdan _20111118_i7.jpgAdan _20111118_i3.jpgAdan _20111118_i2.jpg

Tracey and Lola

Kaplan _20111106_i1.jpgKaplan _20111106_i2.jpgKaplan _20111106_i3.jpgKaplan _20111106_i4.jpgKaplan _20111106_i5.jpg
Tracey runs Agassiz Cooperative Preschool–a really creative and engaging place. I have gotten to know many extraordinary families there. Only much later did I learn that they were olympians, rock stars, famous photographers, and earth savers. Modest folk. Love it.

Dorothea and Sean’s Engagement Shoot

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Sonya is a French bookbinder, complete with two-ton, verrrry old press. Gorgeous. She uses incredible materials (ostrich skin anyone?) to hand craft book bindings. She has two styles–modern/funky, and traditional. She has been trained by some of the biggest names in book binding. Check out her work here.