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Little Kids Rock Benefit at Facebook Headquarters

Little Kids Rock is an amazing organization dedicated to “restoring and revitalizing music education in U.S. public schools.” LKR brings free music instruction and instruments to under-served schools in the U.S. Nationwide, it has served more than 235,000 students at over 1,600 schools in 25 cities. (Read more about how Little Kids Rock works here.) Honorary Board Members include Bonnie Raitt, Slash, Paul Simon, B.B. King, Ziggy Marley and others.

Again this year I helped document an LKR fundraising event at Facebook Headquarters (See the 2012 Little Kids Rock post here). This year’s event was dedicated to the memory of Josef Desimone, the Facebook head chef who tragically lost his life this fall. I remember him so clearly from the event last year. Both years have had very elaborate and delicious food made by the Facebook chefs.

It was so moving to see kids from these programs up on stage performing with big stars. I was RIVETED when James Hetfield the leader of the band Metallica, performed with them. It was jaw-dropping, and my jaw doesn’t drop so easily… I was taken by how dedicated he was to the organization, and to the kids. Chris Isaac was there as well, among others (see surfing pic–the woman in the photo with Chris can surf while doing a headstand (!)).

This year I will have the privilege of getting to know some of the kids. I want to create a photo essay that shows their stories, and powerful effect of the work this organization does.  I’ll post more on that when the time comes.


Where on earth is Kristin Little?

Belle_Vue_Beach_Copenhagen.jpgKastrup_Spidslastcentral.jpgLouisiana_Art_Museum (1).jpgLouisiana_Art_Museum.jpgRoedvig_Harbor.jpgSankhans_Taarbek3.jpgSankhans_Taarbek2.jpgSankhans_Taarbek1.jpgc25-Denmark4.jpgc27-Denmark3.jpgc64-Denmark2.jpg
I have been flying a bit under the radar recently. The news is that I have moved from Palo Alto to Copenhagen (!). Only temporarily, however. Life here is great–the sea, the woods, the bikes, the city, the people, the architecture, the design, the light–all amazing. The “golden hour” stretches out for many hours, and there is still light in the sky at 11pm. Sankthans midsummer celebration happened not too long ago. People here celebrate with big bonfires at night, usually burning a witch in effigy on top (not too politically correct I suppose).

A family friend has an fascinating business making green (growing!) roofs all over Scandinavia. He took me along on a tour he was giving for a green roof conference, and I got to see some amazing buildings, and even walk on some of the greenery (see image of the building with the curved roof, Kastrups Spidslastcentral,–I walked up and over that!!).

While here, I’m  shooting some weddings, creating a new website, and working hard on my Danish. You can still reach me by using my US phone number and address. See you in August!