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Give the gift of photography

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Do you need gift ideas? If you would like to gift someone a portrait session, I have gift certificates available. It could be a friendship session with a good friend, or a couple’s session with your partner, even a head shot. Have a look at some family sessions or friendship folios to get a sense of the possibilities. I can send you a gift certificate like the one above, and it comes with a $100 print credit.

Shoreline Park Family Portraits — I love the Baylands!

One of my favorite spots to run and go on walks near my house is the Baylands, also known as Shoreline Park. It abuts the Google campus. I once saw a an amazing yellow Google conference bike ride by with 7 people all pedaling. They were in a circle, facing each other, and one of them was steering. Wild. They were having a meeting I guess. Last week in the Baylands, I had the pleasure of photographing an extended family that had come together for the holidays. It was a wonderful coming together–the grandparents came from Rome, the uncle, and aunt-to-be came from Copenhagen, and they joined the rest of the family in Palo Alto. I made some diptychs, which I haven’t done in a long time. It felt good. Take a peek and leave a note : ).

Los Altos Family Portrait Time

These kids are fireballs! We had F U N. We played around in Shoup Park in Los Altos, and got some portraits there. Then we headed to their house for a little wall climbing. Really. Take a look : )

Farewell Family Photos

This was a fun shoot with Mom, Dad, three children, and two adorable dogs. Fairmeadow School in Palo Alto was the backdrop. Because they have just moved to the Northwest, this was a way to carry some memories from their old school along with them to their new home. Happy nesting!

Playing at home in Palo Alto

This was a fun shoot. Normally I spend half of the session in an outdoor place that is meaningful to the family, and the other half in their home. This gives the kids a chance to relax a bit and play with their toys. This time, we did the whole thing in their home, moving from room to room, and playing with toys, reading books, and jumping on the trampoline. Fun!

The Rosenbergs at the Library

Rosenberg Final_18.jpgRosenberg Final_20.jpgRosenberg Final_19.jpgRosenberg Final_25.jpgRosenberg Final_27.jpgRosenberg Final_30.jpgRosenberg Final_28.jpgRosenberg Final_29.jpgRosenberg Final_31.jpgRosenberg Final_32.jpgRosenberg Final_26.jpgRosenberg Final_23.jpgRosenberg Final_33.jpgRosenberg Final_34.jpgRosenberg Final_35.jpgRosenberg Final_36.jpgRosenberg Final_22.jpgRosenberg Final_21.jpgRosenberg Final_37.jpgRosenberg Final_24.jpgRosenberg Final_38.jpgRosenberg Final_39.jpg

The Rosenbergs live right near the Cambridge Main Library. Lucky them. It seemed appropriate to go there after spending some time taking photos at their home. We played with a ball, played train, goofed off, ate watermelon, and generally had a good time : ). See if you can spot the ball!

The G-R Family Photos at the Beach


This family is so much fun. They wanted family photos on the beach, so off we went on a beautiful day. Scheduling around their multiple soccer games was tricky! They are ACTIVE. I love it!

I’m looking forward to shooting the oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah very soon. It’s going to be great!


The Jarboe Family

I had a great time photographing Jamie, Chris, and Kimber, and Jamie’s mom in Arlington, MA. Kimber was phenomenal. She was really easy to get along with and fun to interact with. She was very clear about when she did and didn’t want to be photographed, and I understood that : ). Everyone was really with it, and we had fun! We did some shots indoors and then headed out for some outdoors nearby at a pocket park, and a municipal gas station (!!). Thanks for trusting me on that one, guys ; )

Kathy, Eric, and Gabe – Sennot Park Central Square to 1369 Coffeehouse – A Roving Family Photo Session!


I got a great workout doing this family portrait session. This is a very active family. We started out at their home, then jumped on wheels (skateboard and bike) and took off for Washington Park, in Cambridge. Fun. Then off for a coffee at 1369 Coffeehouse in Inman Square. I got in a bit of a jog. Good deal. Fun time.

K and K–The Rest

Here are some more images from the shoot with this really down to earth and fun family. Cambridge has so many interesting people coming through. I love it!

Sneak peek K and K

sandraK _20120122_i.jpgISKK 145.jpgISKK 146.jpgISKK 147.jpgISKK 149.jpgISKK 152.jpg
We had a wonderful time playing in the snow and just playing around in general. This family is so wonderful. I wish they weren’t returning to Europe this summer!

Felix’s Family

This was a wonderful morning. We had a great time playing, throwing around leaves, biking. We also spent some time fiddling with Sonya’s 2 ton book press. Sonya is an amazing bookbinder. Check out her work here. Later I got what I consider to be one of the highest compliments–Felix’s Dad said the shoot was relaxing. Wow! Love that. I’m so glad. I love going outdoors and just having fun with people.

c39-felix2b 096.jpgc63-felix2b 097.jpgFelix _20111126_i2.jpgFelix _20111126_i3.jpgFelix _20111126_i5.jpgFelix _20111126_i4.jpgFelix _20111126_i6.jpgFelix _20111126_i7.jpgFelix _20111126_i8.jpgFelix _20111126_i9.jpgFelix _20111126_i10.jpg

Kate, Dana, and company

WilliamsColley 128.jpgWilliamsColley 129.jpgWilliamsColley 130.jpgWilliamsColley 131.jpg
We had fun on a sunny but cold Boston day. Everyone was super easygoing and fun to work with–even the dog! Priceless. Thanks you guys!


What a lovely afternoon we had at Adan’s house. We went from being cozy by the stove, to flying airplanes, to being magpies. The magpies had an extraordinary amount of energy. And apparently these birds are quite loud…
Much fun was had.

Adan _20111118_i1.jpgAdan _20111118_i4.jpgAdan _20111118_i5.jpgAdan _20111118_i6.jpgAdan _20111118_i7.jpgAdan _20111118_i3.jpgAdan _20111118_i2.jpg

The Segall-Levine Family

Levine _20111016_i1.jpgLevine _20111016_i2.jpgLevine _20111016_i3.jpgLevine _20111016_i4.jpgLevine _20111016_i5.jpgLevine _20111016_i6.jpgLevine _20111016_i7.jpg
We had fun running around and goofing off for this shoot. Thanks for a fun time you guys!