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Braving Crissy Field in the Cold


Chrissy Field and Andy Goldsworthy


Lisa and Ary are a wonderful pair. I have known Lisa for about 15 years. She is a dear friend.

Lisa is full of adventure and creativity. The day I met her I felt a connection immediately. The following day, I called her and asked if she wanted to come on a weeklong sailing trip in the Caribbean. It was very short notice, but she was on the boat with her SCUBA gear and a smile the following week! When I met Ary, it was easy to tell they were meant for each other. Ary immediately felt like family…one of the marks of a good match.  I love you both, and I look forward to attending your wedding this weekend in Florida–as a guest!

Sending a big thank you to Jessica Stout who will be shooting the festivities!


Land’s End, Sutro Baths, and Ocean Beach


Back to Costa Rica!


Nina and Graham Engaged–Copenhagen


Nina and Graham are a classy and fun Danish-English couple that I met by total coincidence. I am so glad I did. Nina and Graham have a beautiful relationship and they also have a beautiful daughter, Agnes, who patiently joined us for the engagement shoot. Engagement shoots are a great chance for me to get the know the future bride and groom and for them to get to know how I work. We had a wonderful morning walking, talking, and exploring Frederiksberg, where Nina and Graham live – taking photos along the way. We walked the area near the Royal Danish Academy of Music and through the gardens of the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University – perfect for a mellow morning stroll.

Sidsel and Anders Copenhagen Engagement Portraits


I just had the pleasure of spending some time photographing Sidsel and Anders for their engagement session. What a treat to have Copenhagen as our location. They live in the middle of Copenhagen. There are bikes and people everywhere. So much potential for the portraits! We went to the H.C. Ørsted’s park near their house. It is a beautiful park, with a lake in the middle. We then went to the Stråde, a pedestrian street nearby. We walked and talked as I got photos along the way. They are such a nice and easygoing couple : ) I am looking forward to their wedding!


Laura and Bill – Getting Married in Providence, RI


Laura and Bill_85.jpgLaura and Bill_84.jpgLaura and Bill_83.jpgLaura and Bill_86.jpg

Laura and Bill and I headed out and braved the heat and bugs. They are troopers. I am looking forward to shooting their wedding in Providence, Rhode Island. They have timed it such that the afterparty can be at Waterfire–a beautiful display of fires, floating through downtown on a canal. It should be lots of fun! Here are a few photos from their engagement shoot.

Ann and Patrick – Somerville Engagement Photos



Ann is Scottish, and Patrick is Irish, and their wedding will be an amazing blend of the two that I am really looking forward to!

Stephanie and Ryan are getting married!




I really wanted to take these engagement photos of Stephanie and Ryan. I love engagement shoots. I get to know the couple better, they get used to the camera, and we have some laughs together. I hope these photos will not only be fun now, but provide good memories fifty years from now, and a look into their world back when they were engaged.

I am really excited to be shooting Stephanie and Ryan’s wedding. They are both very creative and warm people, and their wedding plans sound so fun and personal. I love that.

P.S. I’d love to know which photos people think are their faves : )

Dorothea and Sean’s Engagement Shoot

E DOROSEAN_027.jpgE DOROSEAN_028.jpgE DOROSEAN_029.jpgE DOROSEAN_030.jpgE DOROSEAN_031.jpgE DOROSEAN_032.jpgE DOROSEAN_033.jpgE DOROSEAN_035.jpgE DOROSEAN_036.jpg

Engagement Shoot–Jenny and Tim

Jenny and Tim braved several feet of snow in Cambridge to get some fun engagement photos. We were all pretty cold by the time it was over, but warmed up quickly with some hot chocolate afterwards. They have many things to be happy about these days in addition to getting married–Jenny is just finishing her Ph.D. in Economics at MIT and has been hired by the Stockholm School of Economics. Before the big move, they will spend a year in Florence, Italy. Not bad. Both places put them closer to home–Germany.