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Sneak peek K and K

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Felix’s Family

This was a wonderful morning. We had a great time playing, throwing around leaves, biking. We also spent some time fiddling with Sonya’s 2 ton book press. Sonya is an amazing bookbinder. Check out her work here. Later I got what I consider to be one of the highest compliments–Felix’s Dad said the shoot was relaxing. Wow! Love that. I’m so glad. I love going outdoors and just having fun with people.

c39-felix2b 096.jpgc63-felix2b 097.jpgFelix _20111126_i2.jpgFelix _20111126_i3.jpgFelix _20111126_i5.jpgFelix _20111126_i4.jpgFelix _20111126_i6.jpgFelix _20111126_i7.jpgFelix _20111126_i8.jpgFelix _20111126_i9.jpgFelix _20111126_i10.jpg

The Segall-Levine Family

Levine _20111016_i1.jpgLevine _20111016_i2.jpgLevine _20111016_i3.jpgLevine _20111016_i4.jpgLevine _20111016_i5.jpgLevine _20111016_i6.jpgLevine _20111016_i7.jpg