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The Rosenbergs at the Library

Rosenberg Final_18.jpgRosenberg Final_20.jpgRosenberg Final_19.jpgRosenberg Final_25.jpgRosenberg Final_27.jpgRosenberg Final_30.jpgRosenberg Final_28.jpgRosenberg Final_29.jpgRosenberg Final_31.jpgRosenberg Final_32.jpgRosenberg Final_26.jpgRosenberg Final_23.jpgRosenberg Final_33.jpgRosenberg Final_34.jpgRosenberg Final_35.jpgRosenberg Final_36.jpgRosenberg Final_22.jpgRosenberg Final_21.jpgRosenberg Final_37.jpgRosenberg Final_24.jpgRosenberg Final_38.jpgRosenberg Final_39.jpg

The Rosenbergs live right near the Cambridge Main Library. Lucky them. It seemed appropriate to go there after spending some time taking photos at their home. We played with a ball, played train, goofed off, ate watermelon, and generally had a good time : ). See if you can spot the ball!