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Stephanie and Ryan


Steph Ryan_102.jpgSteph Ryan_101.jpgSteph Ryan_100.jpgSteph Ryan_97.jpgSteph Ryan_96.jpgSteph Ryan_90.jpgSteph Ryan_91.jpgSteph Ryan_99.jpgSteph Ryan_98.jpgSteph Ryan bright_85.jpgSteph Ryan bright_84.jpgSteph Ryan Pig_103.jpgSteph Ryan bright_87.jpgSteph Ryan bright_86.jpgSteph Ryan Chapel_104.jpgSteph Ryan bright_83.jpgSteph Ryan_87.jpg

Stephanie and Ryan and their family and friends put together a fabulous wedding. The two are designers, and they went all out on every detail. Ryan, an illustrator, illustrated the story of their relationship and they had these out on the tables for everyone (see photos). They recycled an old desk, and some other wood, and made signs that were up all over the place–one for The Ever Expanding Elastic Waste Band, one for the Pig Kahuna, one for lemonade, etc. Butterflies were released after their ceremony and Stephanie and Ryan each carried one out in their hand. Sweet.

Stephanie and Ryan are so easygoing and positive. Their wedding day was quite wet, yet they took it in great stride.  Stephanie was even prepared with some killer rainboots to go with her wedding dress : ) Everyone really enjoyed themselves. There was plenty of room under several tents, and inside of Ryan’s parents’ beautiful home. There was also a small chapel in the corner of the yard that had been turned into a cozy candlelit hideout for guests that wanted to chill out a bit.

Congratulations you two!!

Laura and Bill – Getting Married in Providence, RI


Laura and Bill_85.jpgLaura and Bill_84.jpgLaura and Bill_83.jpgLaura and Bill_86.jpg

Laura and Bill and I headed out and braved the heat and bugs. They are troopers. I am looking forward to shooting their wedding in Providence, Rhode Island. They have timed it such that the afterparty can be at Waterfire–a beautiful display of fires, floating through downtown on a canal. It should be lots of fun! Here are a few photos from their engagement shoot.

Faye and her puppets

Faye Puppets_87.jpgFaye Puppets_88.jpgFaye Puppets_89.jpgFaye Puppets_90.jpgFaye Puppets_91.jpgFaye Puppets_92.jpgFaye Puppets_93.jpgFaye Puppets_94.jpgFaye Puppets_95.jpg

Faye is an amazing artist. She is a puppeteer like nothing I had ever imagined when I heard the word puppeteer. She conceptualizes, writes, builds, and performs theatrical shows which include puppets ranging from four inches tall to 12 feet tall (see photo of giant feet)! Absolutely amazing.

Ann and Patrick – Somerville Engagement Photos



Ann is Scottish, and Patrick is Irish, and their wedding will be an amazing blend of the two that I am really looking forward to!