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The Jarboe Family

I had a great time photographing Jamie, Chris, and Kimber, and Jamie’s mom in Arlington, MA. Kimber was phenomenal. She was really easy to get along with and fun to interact with. She was very clear about when she did and didn’t want to be photographed, and I understood that : ). Everyone was really with it, and we had fun! We did some shots indoors and then headed out for some outdoors nearby at a pocket park, and a municipal gas station (!!). Thanks for trusting me on that one, guys ; )

Kathy, Eric, and Gabe – Sennot Park Central Square to 1369 Coffeehouse – A Roving Family Photo Session!


I got a great workout doing this family portrait session. This is a very active family. We started out at their home, then jumped on wheels (skateboard and bike) and took off for Washington Park, in Cambridge. Fun. Then off for a coffee at 1369 Coffeehouse in Inman Square. I got in a bit of a jog. Good deal. Fun time.