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What a lovely afternoon we had at Adan’s house. We went from being cozy by the stove, to flying airplanes, to being magpies. The magpies had an extraordinary amount of energy. And apparently these birds are quite loud…
Much fun was had.

Adan _20111118_i1.jpgAdan _20111118_i4.jpgAdan _20111118_i5.jpgAdan _20111118_i6.jpgAdan _20111118_i7.jpgAdan _20111118_i3.jpgAdan _20111118_i2.jpg

Tracey and Lola

Kaplan _20111106_i1.jpgKaplan _20111106_i2.jpgKaplan _20111106_i3.jpgKaplan _20111106_i4.jpgKaplan _20111106_i5.jpg
Tracey runs Agassiz Cooperative Preschool–a really creative and engaging place. I have gotten to know many extraordinary families there. Only much later did I learn that they were olympians, rock stars, famous photographers, and earth savers. Modest folk. Love it.