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Carolyn and Christian’s wedding at Stonehurst

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Carolyn and Christian had a beautiful ceremony and reception at Stonehurst. Stonehurst was the the estate of Robert Treat Paine, and it was designed by two powerhouses — architect Henry Hobson (H.H.) Richardson and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead. Beautiful venue, wonderful couple. I even got to see two friends from graduate school who were there as guests!! What a treat.

The Segall-Levine Family

Levine _20111016_i1.jpgLevine _20111016_i2.jpgLevine _20111016_i3.jpgLevine _20111016_i4.jpgLevine _20111016_i5.jpgLevine _20111016_i6.jpgLevine _20111016_i7.jpg
We had fun running around and goofing off for this shoot. Thanks for a fun time you guys!