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Jess’s Quinceañera

I had the chance to shoot a “Sweet 15” birthday party–a Quinceañera in Spanish. Jess invited all of her friends and family to the party, and BOY was it a good party. The DJs were fabulous. Everyone from the littlest child to the oldest relative seemed to be having a great time.

Ben Chrisman Photography Workshop

This fall I went to an absolutely amazing workshop for wedding photographers, put on by Ben Chrisman Photography. We all stayed in a big house on the beach in the Outer Banks, and had a very intense four days. Learning was happening around the clock. Ben and Erin Chrisman are award winning wedding photographers, and they offered up tips on every aspect of wedding photography, along with great input from David Murray, Kirsten Lewis, and Vlad Chaloupka. The experience was completely game changing. I came away with new knowledge and insights that altered the course of my business much for the better. Pretty amazing.

I met some really great wedding photographers attending the workshop, including Cathy + David (Bock)Henry ChenJan GarciaDebra GulbasKathryn KreugerMelissa McClureTom SandersonDaniel StarkMaggie Stolzberg, and Ethan Yang.

It is truly heartwarming to me to see how photographers support other photographers. Truly.

Engagement Shoot–Jenny and Tim

Jenny and Tim braved several feet of snow in Cambridge to get some fun engagement photos. We were all pretty cold by the time it was over, but warmed up quickly with some hot chocolate afterwards. They have many things to be happy about these days in addition to getting married–Jenny is just finishing her Ph.D. in Economics at MIT and has been hired by the Stockholm School of Economics. Before the big move, they will spend a year in Florence, Italy. Not bad. Both places put them closer to home–Germany.


Show at riki

I am really excited to be having a show of my wedding work at this amazing clothing store. I’m not a big shopper, but I don’t miss the chance to go to riki when I am in California. The textures and designs are unique in a modern and untrendy way that I like. The owner/designer, Ursula, designed most of the items herself in the past, and now has added other lines. The reception for the show is coupled with a trunk show with a designer from the Bay Area- Verrieres&Sako – specializing in couture and wedding dresses. Here are some of the images going up:



Yoga teacher, international education/entrepreneurship specialist, and Creative extraordinaire, Lisa doesn’t fail to surprise. She has even travelled around Myanmar with a troupe of clowns (!). I did a portrait session with her recently and we had lots of laughs together.


The Licht Family

I recently did a fun family photo shoot with the Licht/Hayden family. They were full of good humor and game for anything. Love that!


Sonya is a French bookbinder, complete with two-ton, verrrry old press. Gorgeous. She uses incredible materials (ostrich skin anyone?) to hand craft book bindings. She has two styles–modern/funky, and traditional. She has been trained by some of the biggest names in book binding. Check out her work here.

The Blog is Born

Hello! I am really excited to start this blog. I have been blogging for years about the twins for the grandparents, but this is my first jump into blogging for my photo business. I asked Cathy of Cathy + David Photography if and how I should share my non-wedding photography shoots, since I wanted to dedicate my portfolio site to wedding photography. She recommended that I start a blog, so here I am. (Their blog, by the way, has umpteen zillion viewers per day and is really fun to read : ) )